Stitch Tutorials from Lion Brand

Learn to Crochet with Lion Brand – Written Directions and Video

Chain stitch (ch)
Slip stitch (sl st)
Single crochet (sc)
Half double crochet (hdc)
Double crochet (dc)
Treble crochet (tc)

Stitch Tutorials from Other Websites

These stitches are not taught on Lion Brand’s website

Half treble crochet (htc)
Double treble crochet (dtc)
Triple treble crochet (ttc)
Picot stitch (picot)
Long single crochet (lsc)
Back post double crochet (bpdc)
Single crochet decrease (sc dec)

Starting Crochet in the Round – Magic Ring, Chain Loop, 1st Chain

Crochet Me

Weaving in the Ends – Tutorial Videos

Red Heart
Bernat Yarns

Working in Back Loops or Front Loops Only

Stitch Diva
Red Heart

Great Pattern Sites

Crochet Pattern Central
Lion Brand

Applique Patterns

Spring Chick Applique
Owl Applique
Heart Applique
Football Applique
Ladybug Applique
Flower Appliques


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