Welcome to Little Bird Knits’ 2013 Crochet Along!

We will be completing one granny square a week for 48 weeks.  The last weeks of the year will be used to join the squares and create the blanket border.  Each square will be 6 inches by 6 inches.  We will start with easy granny squares and move to harder ones as the year progresses.

What you need:

  • Yarn!  – I suggest picking 4-5 colors that you will use to complete all of the squares in the blanket.  While each square will be different, using the same colors will help tie it all together.  Make sure that whatever yarn you choose is worsted-weight and easily available in case you need to purchase more during the year.
  • Crochet hooks – I tend to use an I or J hook to complete my squares since I crochet tightly.  Use whichever size hook you need to create a 6 inch granny square.  This may take some trial to find the right hook.
  • Yarn needle – for weaving in the yarn ends to make sure that your squares don’t come unravelled.
  • Scissors, measuring tape/ruler, stitch markers (optional)

How This Works

Every Sunday afternoon, I will post the week’s pattern and tutorial photos.  I will try to have photos of each step of the pattern, especially any parts that may be confusing.  If you need any help, comment on the post with your questions at any time during the week and I will answer them.

Once you have completed your square, take a  picture and send it to me at littlebirdknits0@gmail.com.  I will add it to the photos page for everyone to see.  Part of the fun of a crochet along is seeing how we each use different colors to create different looking squares, even though we are using the same pattern.

At any time, feel free to share your favorite granny square pattern with me.  I do not currently have all 48 squares planned out, so I would love to see your suggestions.

Additional Information

At the top of this page, you will see a menu with a few pages that I have added.  Probably the most useful page (aside from this one) will be the Links page.  This page will have links to crochet tutorials of the stitches that we will be using (for those that are learning to crochet), along with websites that have free crochet patterns.  I will also be using this page to link to the original pattern location that we are using each week.

I’m excited to be sharing this journey with you and can’t wait to see the blankets we create.